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Manual Directory Submission Service

We know directories! has been reviewing directories since 2004 and has been offering a quality submission service since January of 2006. For a small fee, we will expertly take on the task of submitting your website to the top free directories. Part of our service is selecting the most appropriate directories. We are extremely choosy when it comes to selecting appropriate sites. We choose for you SEO friendly web directories that are actively adding free listings.

We offer a a deep link submission process that specializes in submitting your internal web pages. We also offer niche blog, real estate, and travel submission services. On the regional side we offer a UK service. We also have a social bookmark service. We know our stuff and continually update our lists. We do the research so you don't have to.

Why use a submission service?

Even with ten years of SEO experience I often have trouble choosing good directories. There are so many factors to consider that we use a variety of sources to estimate the value of a directory. Here are some factors why submitting to a random free directory is a hit or miss proposition.
1. Many of the high PR free directories have not approved a free submission in years. Many of these hope to bait you into a paid featured listing.
2. Rather than create one quality website, many owners start networks of dozens or even hundreds of directories. These websites are often hosted on the same host (same IP). My experience has shown that Google has little use for these networks.
3. Not all directories are SEO friendly. Some of the methods that prevent the passing of PageRank are hard to catch.
4. The work can be mind numbing. You time would be better spent creating good content for your site. The content will ultimately raise your search engine rankings.

Why use our service?

We know directories. Fortunately, we have a team that does submissions every day. We keep track of approval rates and remove directories that are no longer approving free submissions. We do not submit to undesirable networks. We do submit to more than one directory per IP. Our experience will allow your site to be submitted to the highest ranked directories that provide the best chance of getting listed. Here are some testimonials from some of our happy customers. We do not submit to sites that are either penalized or do not rank well in Google. For more information, please see the "why choose us" section.

How does it work?

Enter your site details in the form below. We will then review your site and send you payment details within one business day. Once payment is received we will submit your site to a selection of quality free directories. Once submissions are complete we will send you a detailed spreadsheet. Here is a sample report.

We do not promise that all our submissions will result in successful directory listings but our experience has shown that a decent site will receive an approval rate of 50 to 65% for general directories. Most of these approvals will come in the first couple of weeks. Your websites must meet our quality guidelines.

Choose between 50 and 300 submissions per site.
   50 for $17 - a cost of $.34 each
   100 for $32 - a cost of $.32 each
   150 for $41 - a cost of $.27 each
   200 for $50 - a cost of $.25 each
   250 for $56 - a cost of $.22 each
   300 for $60 - a cost of $.20 each not currently available
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Order Forms

General Directories - submit your site to free general directories
Deep Links- submit to free general directories that accept internal links
Blogs - submit your weblogs to free blog directories
Travel - submit to free travel directories
Real Estate - submit to free real estate directories
United Kingdom - submit to free UK directories
Social Bookmarking - Submit to social bookmark social media sites

Weekly Submissions - have your site submitted on a weekly basis
Approval Tracking Service - a detailed report of your approvals

Why Choose

Why Choose our Service? - why we are different.
Testimonials From our Clients - what some of our previous customers have said
Directory Submission FAQ
Social Bookmark FAQ
Sample Report - an example of the report that we send with every order.

Payment Options

Payment Options - Paypal, Credit cards, Moneybookers or Check.
Bulk / Volume Pricing - Volume pricing for SEO firms, web design companies and individuals with multiple websites.

Preparing your Order - Useful Information

Site Quality Guidelines - your website must meet our quality requirements
Timing / Speed of Submission - the difference between our normal and slow options
Tips - tips for improving your approval rates
Titles and Descriptions - tips for writing effective titles and descriptions
Why Vary your Link Titles and Descriptions? - the value of using different title/description combinations

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